Graduate Fellowships FAQs

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Q: What is the difference between “fellowships,” “scholarships,” and “grants”?
Q: What is the role of the Office of Graduate Fellowships?
Q: What types of nationally competitive fellowships exist for graduate students?
Q: What is the timing of fellowship applications? Is there a typical annual cycle or calendar?
Q: Do graduate fellowship competitions take financial need into account?
Q: Do fellowship competitions set minimum requirements for GPA or GRE scores?
Q: These awards are so competitive — the chance of winning seems small. How can I decide if this is this really worth my time?
Q: I need a fellowship or scholarship to continue in my program beyond the expiration of my assistantship funding (or to obtain a student visa, etc.) What should I do?
Q:I am a part-time student. / I am a non-traditional student. Can I apply for fellowships?
Q: Who counts as “diverse” for a diversity award? Who is an “under-represented minority”?
Q: Why are so many fellowship programs limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents?
Q: I am an international student. Are there any fellowships I qualify for?
Q: I’m interested in applying for a Fulbright – what do I need to do?
Q: Which countries are most/least competitive for the Fulbright?